Star Lab Corp. is an embedded security company dedicated to protecting devices and systems operating in open, hostile environments. We are a leader in the secure-by-design movement, providing solutions so engineers can build and deploy hardened applications, operating systems, and hypervisors to execute inside safety-critical and mission-critical systems. Customers rely on us to prevent attackers from tampering with and altering their software / firmware, and to severely limit an attacker’s freedom of maneuver so their systems continue to operate normally – even if an attacker gains initial access. Our developers have domain expertise in embedded development, reverse engineering, software protection, anti-tamper, applied cryptography, and machine learning / artificial intelligence.

The company is headquartered in Washington, DC with additional offices in Huntsville, AL and San Antonio, TX.



Our Approach to Security

Custom-Fit Solutions

Star Lab provides tailored software solutions that ensure our customers are well protected against both existing and emerging cyber threats. We work closely with customers to identify and address the unique cybersecurity threats against their systems.


Star Lab believes that even successful attacks should not be “game over.” Our secure-by-design engineering philosophy ensures that customers’ systems are built upon trustworthy foundations and leverage system engineering design patterns that greatly reduce attack surface, isolate critical functionality, and contain or mitigate even successful attacks.

Long-term Partnerships

Unlike many software companies who are only interested in making a quick sale, Star Lab develops long-term relationships with its customers, typically becoming their trusted security partner across a number of product lines and corporate initiatives.

Military Strength

Software engineers at Star Lab have decades of collective experience protecting some of the nation’s most high-value defense assets. This expertise enables Star Lab to provide robust solutions that meet, and frequently exceed, commercial safety and security requirements.