Irby Thompson is an industry leader in complex systems security research and development (R&D), with an outstanding track record of security product development and deployment across both government and commercial markets. Prior to founding Star Lab, Irby spent 10 years at Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Pikewerks, focused on the R&D of offensive and defensive technologies for computer network operations, technology protection and insider threat. Irby also spent seven years as the product manager and deployment architect for Electronic Armor, an advanced software protection and anti-tamper solution designed to protect critical military technologies from both physical and cyber attacks.

Irby has a technical background in computer science and cyber security, especially offensive reverse engineering and defensive anti-tamper, and is a recognized leader in the field, speaking at security conferences such as Blackhat and Defcon. He also has significant tech startup experience, having spent seven years as the chief operations officer for Pikewerks, a company he helped grow from four initial employees through eventual acquisition by Raytheon. Irby holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science, math and management of technology from Vanderbilt University and a master’s degree in information security from Georgia Tech.