Michael Ring brings to the technology space over 25 years of hands-on experience in project management, intrinsic motivation, product conceptualization and sales. Prior to joining Star Lab, Michael spent eight years in the Navy as a submarine officer running operational missions with specialized equipment, eight years in the United States Government developing unique technical capabilities for sensitive operations, and 10 years in the software industry transitioning concepts and ideas into licensable products to solve industry security needs.

Michael has a wealth of practical experience. He founded and led Pikewerks Corporation, a self-funded endeavor, through start up, growth, expansion, maturity and eventual acquisition. By seeing all phases of the company life cycle and developing multiple successful commercial software products he is uniquely qualified to help mentor and guide small- to medium-sized high tech companies as they grow into self-sustaining entities.

Michael received his bachelor’s degree in computer/electrical engineering from the University of New Mexico and his master’s degree in project management from The George Washington University.