Mission-Critical Security

In an age of persistent threats, when lives are at stake and national interests are at risk, our military cannot afford to compromise on security. Defense platforms need strong cyber protections – solutions that addresses both hardware and software vulnerabilities, and defenses that remain resilient even while under attack.

Common vulnerabilities:

  • Legacy hardware and software
  • Insecure platform architectures
  • Malicious code injection
  • Battlefield loss / foreign exploitation
  • Unauthorized configuration changes
  • Weak update mechanisms
  • Insider access

Star Lab solutions:

  • Resilient development framework
  • Secure boot
  • System configuration integrity
  • OS & Application hardening
  • Software protection / anti-tamper
  • Trusted update mechanisms
  • Mandatory access controls
  • Separation hypervisor; Hardware isolation
  • Addresses 96% of RMF requirements


Star Lab security products assume a worst-case threat scenario: a hands-on physical attacker and/or root-level virtual attacker. These threat models, combined with years of experience performing red-team assessments helps to ensure that our defensive solutions are up to the challenge of protecting sensitive software against even the most dedicated attackers.

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