Infrastructure Security you can trust

In an ever-connected and always “on” world, the threats posed by malicious hacking, nation state actors, and organized crime are ever-present. Of particular concern are the back-end routers, switches, and computing infrastructure that form the backbone of modern telecommunications.

Common vulnerabilities:

  • Unpatched operating systems
  • Software vulnerabilities
  • IP Theft / Counterfeiting
  • Insecure update mechanisms
  • Malicious configuration updates

Star Lab solutions:

  • IP protection
  • Trusted update mechanisms
  • Mandatory access controls
  • System configuration integrity
  • Secure software updates
  • Separation software architecture


Star Lab security products assume a worst-case threat scenario: a hands-on physical attacker and/or root-level virtual attacker. These threat models, combined with years of experience performing red-team assessments helps to ensure that our defensive solutions are up to the challenge of protecting sensitive software against even the most dedicated attackers.

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