Specifically designed for the challenges facing defense systems.

Crucible::Defense provides Secure Embedded Virtualization, technology protection, cyber-hardening, and system integrity for aerospace & defense systems. It’s designed for use in hostile computing environments, and operates as trusted supervisory software within the processor – configuring and controlling hardware resources and software execution in order to ensure and maintain the integrity of system operations.

The secure virtualization platform specifically addresses a number of concerns unique to mission-critical computing, including: deterministic performance, high-assurance operations, cyber resiliency, technology protection, and compatibility with military hardware and software.

Primary features include:

  • Logical Isolation
  • Technology Protection
  • Processing Determinism
  • High-Assurance Operations
  • Mission Systems Compatibility
  • Addresses 96% of RMF Requirements

The open-architecture Crucible::Defense solution addresses defense industry needs for a portable, modular, partitioned, scalable, extensible, and secure computing framework, and serves as an enabling foundation for developing trusted mission computing platforms. By enforcing cryptography-based secure boot, hardware/software configuration integrity, and logical isolation during runtime, Crucible is able to ensure that critical mission functionality remains protected against both reverse engineers and cyber attackers.

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