Crucible Embedded Hypervisor

The virtualization stack

designed for the most

hostile computing environments

Defensible, Resilient Virtualization

Defensible and Resilient Virtualization

Protect and fight through cyber attacks with built in advanced isolation, attack surface minimization, and anti-tamper capabilities


Multi-Platform Support

Multi-Platform Support

Deploy a consistent architecture to embedded processing boards, rack servers, and chassis subsystems

Technology Refresh Acceleration

Technology Refresh Acceleration

Easily and rapidly port applications to refreshed commodity hardware

Legacy System Security

Legacy System Security

Decouple mission-critical software from outdated, poorly supported, or vulnerable hardware to facilitate a more secure system

RMF Compliance

RMF Compliance

Address 96% of NIST 800-53 security controls for federal information systems


Foreign Military Sales


Prevent alterations and safeguard valuable keys, code, and data to facilitate sales to international partners

Real Time Hypervisor

Virtualizes tactical systems — meets mission-critical system security requirements without impacting performance

Titanium Security Suite

Hardens Linux virtual machines from attackers and reverse engineers with root access


Measures and verifies the launch of Crucible’s core boot components

Foundry Tools

Enables the easy provisioning and management of virtualized resources under Crucible





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