Star Lab protects the most mission-critical systems, infrastructure and equipment in the world. With proven expertise and a seamless approach to customer collaboration, we consistently deliver products that lead in security, reliability and value.


Armed with decades of experience protecting some of the most important U.S. defense assets, Star Lab is delivering the most advanced embedded security and virtualization products on the market today.


When the stakes are high, you need a partnership grounded in trust. At Star Lab, trust is built not only on superior qualifications, but unrelenting integrity and the uncompromising principles of probity and perfection.


We know there’s no margin for error. We consistently deliver best-of-breed products so your system can continuously withstand the growing sophistication and complexity of today’s threat.


Cyber threat sophistication and complexity are evolving with breathtaking speed. You need a team that’s one step ahead, so you’re prepared today for the security risks of tomorrow.



Designed specifically for use in open, hostile computing environments, Crucible® is the most advanced embedded virtualization solution.


The Titanium Security Suite® offers the most robust Linux system-hardening  and security capabilities for operationally-deployed Linux systems.




Chris C., U.S. Navy Program

“Our contract had complex security requirements that had to be solved quickly, Star Lab had not only the products that fit the bill but also a great integration support approach. We look forward to working with them again.”

Todd B., Major Defense Contractor

“The Star Lab team integrated seamlessly with ours, they were always accessible and responsive and were an extension of our team and not just a vendor.”

Scott O., Mercury Systems

“Star Lab’s hypervisor is a secure, performant virtualization solution for customers looking to move toward modern computing architectures. Their products are compatible across multiple processing platforms, making security easy and affordable.”


Benchmarking Xen Virtualization

Benchmarking Xen Virtualization

Introduction to Xen Virtualization Types (PV, PVHVM, PVH) Xen is an open-source baremetal hypervisor that is widely used by commercial and non-commercial platforms to provide virtualization support. However, unlike most other hypervisors, Xen supports multiple ways of...

Titanium Security Suite 7.0 – Now Available

Titanium Security Suite 7.0 – Now Available

Groundbreaking New Software Release Secures Applications and Data From the Inside Out  Washington, DC, September 6, 2019 --- Star Lab Corporation announced today that Titanium Security Suite 7.0 for Linux (Titanium 7.0) has been released and is now available for...